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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Points Blank
Confirmed Jun 13 09:30amSunrise ParkFrank Veltri-12/1-21
Confirmed Jun 13 09:30amEagle Trace CCDeer Creek-21/2-12
Confirmed Jun 20 09:30amFrank VeltriEagle Trace CC-20/3-03
Confirmed Jun 27 10 amDeer CreekTennis Center CS-12/1-21
Confirmed Jun 27 09:30amSunrise ParkEagle Trace CC-22/1-21
Confirmed Jul 11 10 amDeer CreekSunrise Park-22/1-21
Confirmed Jul 18 09:30amEagle Trace CCTennis Center CS-13/0-30
Confirmed Jul 18 09:30amFrank VeltriDeer Creek-20/3-03
Confirmed Jul 19 09:30amTennis Center CSSunrise Park-10/3-03
Confirmed Jul 24 09:30amTennis Center CSFrank Veltri-13/0-30
Confirmed Jul 25 10 amDeer CreekEagle Trace CC-21/2-12
Confirmed Jul 25 09:30amFrank VeltriSunrise Park-10/3-03
Confirmed Aug 1 09:30amEagle Trace CCFrank Veltri-23/0-30
Confirmed Aug 1 09:30amSunrise ParkTennis Center CS-12/1-21
Confirmed Aug 8 09:30amEagle Trace CCSunrise Park-22/1-21
Confirmed Aug 8 09:30amTennis Center CSDeer Creek-10/3-03
Confirmed Aug 15 09:30amSunrise ParkDeer Creek-21/2-12
Confirmed Aug 15 09:30amFrank VeltriTennis Center CS-10/3-03
Confirmed Aug 22 10 amDeer CreekFrank Veltri-23/0-30
Confirmed Aug 22 09:30amTennis Center CSEagle Trace CC-11/2-12
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Byes: 0

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